Charitable Endeavors

Like many fraternal organizations whose origins are traced back to the 19th century or earlier, the Native Sons of the Golden West began as a mutual aid society. In the days before such programs or concepts as old-age pensions and workers' compensation had come into prevalence, and when insurance often was expensive and difficult to obtain, people depended upon mutual aid societies literally to care for their orphans and widows. As time passed, the Native Sons cared for orphans more generally, whether they were the offspring of members or not, and for many decades provided adoption placement services. By the middle of the 20th century, foster care and other government-directed social welfare programs had assumed those functions; so the Native Sons sought out some new venture to provide charitable services to youngsters whose needs had been overlooked.

Cleft Palate Fund

Cleft Palate Fund

Founded in 1953, this fund is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to helping children who are born with a cleft palate or other craniofacial birth defects. The idea took hold and snowballed. Today, the Native Sons Charitable Foundation annually contributes approximately $200,000 to hospitals that treat children with cleft palates and other forms of cranio-facial anomaly. Presently each hospital clinic at University of California San Francisco at Mission Bay, St. John's Hospital/Health Center in Santa Monica; and Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, receive equal shares of the annual donation. From time to time, additional donations have been made to other hospitals, such as Children's Hospital in Oakland, that also work in treating children and young adults with a cleft palate or other craniofacial birth defects.

Cleft Palate Fund Donation Form

The Charitable Foundation was incorporated in 1951 and the first donation to UCSF Hospital Cleft Palate Clinic was made in the amount of $500 in 1953.

The Charitable Foundation NSGW came into being as result of two separate needs. The first was the desire of the Native Sons to find a cause of a charitable nature to sponsor, in response to the wishes of our members.

The second was awareness of the underfunded and largely ignored clinic, at the University of California, San Francisco. It was called the Cleft Palate Clinic, and exclusively treated very young children, born with cleft palate/hare lip.

Because of the success of our program, it has expanded to include the Craniofacial Clinic at St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica in 1969 and Sutter Health Hospital in Sacramento in 1992. The NSGWCF is the longest uninterrupted supporting donors to these three Craniofacial Clinics.

All Charitable Foundation funds donated to these hospitals go directly to treatment of children, with no overhead costs, with the agreement that no child will be refused treatment for any reason.
The Native Sons of the Golden West Charitable Foundation is a separate, non-profit corporation (501 (C) 3 and is tax deductible for donations.

The total donations to all clinics as of 2022 is: $7,433,440.00



Stockton #7 $500.00
Humbolt #14 $300.00
Amador #17 (Colin Campbell PGP) $3,000.00
Lodi #18 $2,450.00
San Jose #22 $2,000.00
Excelsior #31 $2,500.00
Ione #33 $500.00
Solano #39 $500.00
Halcyon-Alameda #47 $1,000.00
Napa #62 $2,500.00
Mt.Tamalpais#64(Artie Hecht) $250.00
Redwood #66 $1,144.00
Vallejo #77 $200.00
Calistoga #86 $500.00
Santa Cruz #90 $2,022.00
Las Positas #96 (Passed Brothers) $3,000.00
Santa Lucia #97 $1,750.00
Ramona #109 $1,000.00
Eden #113 $1,250.00
National #118 $2,000.00
Gabilan #132 $810.00
San Miguel #150 $1,000.00
Cambria #152 (For 2020 & 2022) $1,000.00
Sea Point #158 (For 2021 & 2022) $500.00
Washington#169(Decease Brothers) $500.00
Observatory #177 $500.00
Nicasio #183 $2,000.00
Los Banos #206 $2,800.00
Twin Peaks #214 $4,080.00
Estudillo #223(Deceased Brothers) $154.00
University #272 $1,000.00
Dolores-Calif #1(Tony Colonesse) $1,000.00
Fairfax #307 $1,000.00
Arrowhead #110 $1,240.00
Santa Anna #74 $400.00
Presidio #194 $15,000.00
Chispa #139 $2,000.00
Santa Rosa #28 $328.00
Sea Point#158(Decease Brothers) $500.00
Cambria#152 $1,000.00
Quartz #58 $2,092.00
Auburn #59 $500.00
TOTAL PARLORS $67,770.00
Janet Thompson $25.00
(Deloras & Vine Cortez)
Janet Thompson $100.00
(Chuck O'Connor)
Ron & Rita Holliday $100.00
(Jessie Holliday)
Hall Association NSGW $5,000.00
(Person of Year)
James Fleischman $100.00
(Rich Newsom,Ray Luciano,
Joe & Shirley Fleischman)
Carol Robb(Doug Calkins) $100.00
Michael O'brien(Danny O'Sullivan) $100.00
BO of Grand Officers(Fines) $56.00
Paul & Jaye Lapachet $100.00
(Bob & Ruth Lapachet)
Twin Peaks #214 (Hall Assn) $1,500.00
Marilynn Rodrigues PGP NDGW $25.00
(Ray Rodrigues #96)
Jerry Colivas NSGW #14 $100.00
(Jerome J. Colivas)
Cynthia Connelly(Bidwell #21) $25.00
J.Sangiacomo(Tazia Buckovic) $100.00
Billy Brumm #96 $200.00
Bobby Wong(Bessie&Will. Wong $5.00
Brian Ferdam $20.00
Thomas Tullis SDDGP#7 $100.00
Decease Relatives Sons&Daughters
Mark Spaugh (Texas Poker) $600.00
Steve&Paula Wong(Francis&Elle $200.00
Loui,William&Bessie Wong)
Marv&Marlene Rodriguez $250.00
( Fred Rodriguez)
PGP Dinner Donation $350.00
Gary Millikin(Jerry Hurley) $100.00
NSGW&NDGW Meet Neighbor $150.00
TOTAL OTHERS $9,406.00

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