Grand President's Desk

My fellow Brothers:

It is the highest honor and privilege of my life to accept this position as Grand President of the Native Sons of the Golden West. I accept this gavel under the precepts of Friendship, Loyalty and Charity. I am also thankful for your dedication over the past 11 years of supporting me through the chairs to reach this pinnacle in my journey with the Native Sons. I would like at this time to express my personal feelings of Friendship, Loyalty and Charity, the three words that we use often and daily in our lives as Native Sons: Charity is what lives in our heart without thought; Loyalty is in our veins, the blood that drives us forward; Friendship is our soul, the essence of our mortal beings. I hope that each of you, my brothers, understand these words and what they mean to you personally. Over the past year I have been very fortunate to assemble a Goals and Objectives Committee that will enable our beloved Order to move forward to new horizons. Information Services should be the primary objective for all of us, spreading the good name of the Native Sons of the Golden West. I have appointed Grand Trustee Marcia Skelton, Redwood Parlor #66, with this task along with overseeing the new improved web site NSGW. ORG. Kris Nelson from Nicasio Parlor #183 has accepted Membership Chairmanship and together he and I have developed a comprehensive new membership program to benefit not only the Order but members at large. Benefits and rewards of being a member of our Order should be embraced, cherished and shared throughout the State of California. I have been extremely lucky to have had many Past Grand Presidents as my mentors throughout the last decade, starting with PGP Jim Shadle Georgetown #91, PGP Timothy Tullius Golden Gate #29, PGP Dwight Dutschke Ione #33, PGP David Allen Auburn #59, the late PGP Harly Harty Ione #33 and the late PGP James Riley South San Francisco #157. I would also like to thank the newest of the Past Grand Presidents, PGP Erik Christeson Excelsior #31, PGP James King San Miguel #150 and Joe Castillo Rio Hondo #294 for their friendship and guidance. And my most sincere gratitude for his leadership, professionalism, and selfless dedication to this order, Jr PGP Ron Brocco from Sonoma #111. I personally look forward to meeting each of you, shaking your hand and thanking you for being a member of the greatest fraternal order in the State of California, The Native Sons of the Golden West. Only together can we see new and lasting horizons across our Golden State, in this our 147th year of Brotherhood, Dedications and Charity. I would like to close with a quote from an American author and icon "Kindness can be seen by the blind and kindness can be heard by the deaf." -Samuel Clemons aka Mark Twain. I will see you soon, my brothers, on the California Trail.


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